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 Drinking the Apple iPad KoolAid
Drink the iPad KoolAid

You are probably not going to like this much, but I am a PC guy… ever since they came out with dual floppy disks. My friend, well, she is different. She is a Mac girl… she tells me that she, “Drinks the Apple Koolaid.” We are sorta like that Apple commercial with the nerdy PC guy and the hip Apple guy (gal). But we both have something in common. We both have iPads and we love them (just one sip of Koolaid was all it took).

Our iPad site will test, review and comment of the iPad, iPad accessories and iPad apps. Learn how to decide which iPad to buy and where you can find an iPad at a discount. We will address the various pros (it is cool, easy to use -video below,  and the flash memory is fast) and cons (it is just a pick iPod Touch, but costs more) arguments. And we will share iPad tips and secrets.

iPad Apps

Here are the categories for the iPad Web Applications:

  • Calculate Apps: Calculate how much your social security benefits are going to decrease by spending time on your new iPad instead of working.
  • Entertainment Apps: What is Paris Hilton being charged with these days? What is the special at my favorite restaurant (and how is traffic)? Watch Jimi Hendrix light his guitar on fire or listen to an Obama speech backwards or watch your neighbor’s lip sync video to Justin Bieber – it’s all there.
  • Games – Gaming Apps: “So many games, so little time.” Why work, study or even talk when you can game all day?
  • News Apps: NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today and the local police blotter (“Yes, Mrs. Thomas, that was my dog in your yard”) with just one touch.
  • Productivity Apps: Just think – If you add these 2,000 productivity apps, you can save 14 minutes every day… and then chart it (in 3D) as proof.
  • Search Tools Apps: Perform all kinds of searches such as – Where can I find the best iPad Reviews?
  • Social Networking Apps: Yeah, that means Facebook, Twitter, revealing pictures of your high school sweetheart, and more
  • Sports Apps: Fantasy stats, latest trades, your stats from your Friday night poker league.
  • Travel Apps: How do you say, “You are a moron,” in French? How much does an obnoxious American tip a rude waiter in Beijing?
  • Utilities Apps: Convert dollars to Euros or impress your friends by converting slang from the Na’vi language to Klingon. (They won’t even know you used a Na’vi universal translator app).
  • Weather Apps: Will it be raining in your neighborhood on the day the Mayan calendar ends?

An Apple iPad is easy, it is so easy that a young child can do it.

You can find Google Chrome apps  here.

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