20 Reasons to Buy an iPad

20 Reasons to Buy an iPad

Who wants an iPad? Why? What are the reasons why iPads are so sought after?

If you’re not sure about whether you should take the plunge and treat yourself to an iPad (or ask for it for your birthday, in your wedding registry, for graduation, for…), then maybe some of these reasons will help you to make up your mind. Some are very valid and serious reasons, others are just a bit of fun, see whether you can spot the difference.

20 Reasons to Buy an iPad – in no particular order. . .

1. iPads are cool and lots of people want them, so if you have an iPad you’ll be cool too and lots of your buds/colleagues/friends will be jealous right?

2. iPads are pretty affordable aren’t they, in fact, I think they’re a bit more affordable than many people were thinking they would be. With prices starting at $499, what reason is there not to buy one (unless you haven’t got $499 of course)?

3. iPads are so small and lightweight, you’ll hardly know that you’ve got one. It won’t make your pockets bulge out or take up too much space in your bag.

4. iPads are an awesome gaming experience – truly awesome.

5. iPads have a great battery life so they won’t keep going flat on you – although the whole thing is pretty flat actually (see #3)

6. iPads come with loads of brilliant applications, more than 140,000 at the last count!

7. iPads are not locked into any carrier, so you can use them with just about any network you want.

8. You don’t even need a contract for the 3G plan – well, not in the US anyway

9. They have a brilliant big screen with multitouch, it’s kind of like an iPhone but even better because it’s even bigger – maybe that should count as two reasons.

10. Hey, if you fall out with it you can always sell it to someone who hasn’t got $499 (maybe $399) and buy something else.

11. iPads make brilliant eReaders. Once upon a time in a land faraway – they hadn’t even heard of iPads. . . boring.

12. iPads make great substitute newspapers. You can subscribe to your favorite newspaper (well, some of them and I’m sure lots more will follow because it’s such a great idea) and sit on the train reading your iPad, then put it in your pocket without having those horrible black, inky fingers, and just think of all those trees you’ll be helping to save.

13. iPads with a camera accessory means that you can take great photos and view them anytime, any place, anywhere . . .

14. You can bribe your little brother with it to play games while your babysitting with your girlfriend.

15. iPads don’t take up too much space in your Christmas stocking, so there’s plenty of room left for more pressies.

16. 3G is actually pretty cheap on the whole.

17. It matches perfectly with the decor in your living room.

18. You’ll be able to pretend to be doing something really important when it’s time to wash the dishes, how will anyone actually know that you’re really just surfing the web?

19. They’re made by Apple.

20. The best reason in the world to buy an iPad, you haven’t got one yet!

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